Tired of your old, worn out deck or just ready for something better?
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Kansas City Screened Porch

How do you find a Kansas City deck builder who will help you realize your dream versus just building the same old deck or screened in porch? If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of working with a contractor who doesn’t seem interested in satisfying your expectations then you know what we’re talking about. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Create the outdoor living area of your dreams.

You can experience a beautiful outdoor living space that is not only different from anyone else, but also based on your vision. You will love relaxing and being outdoors entertaining family and friends. Besides unmatched quality and craftsmanship you’ll have a highly functional and extremely creative living space from the premier Kansas City deck builder.

Are you ready for the Decks and Design by Dan difference?

Kansas City Deck DesignEvery project is unique based on your vision and Dan Troxel’s creativity of design. Our customers know that we say what we’ll do and then we do what we say. It’s about building highly function, aesthetically creative, and solidly engineered projects. What that all means for you is an outdoor living area that is beautiful, useful, and will stand the test of time.

And just wait until you see the effect our exclusive, custom designed deck lighting system has on your project at night.

Is Decks & Design by Dan Right For You?

How do you choose a Kansas City deck designer and builder that’s right for you?

Although the circumstances of each customer are unique, there are some similarities in our best customers. See if any of these sound like you or your situation…

You believe in the value of doing things the best they can be done. You have high standards and expect the work to be done right. And, you want to make sure your Kansas City deck builder is working in alignment with your vision.

You have an existing deck or screened in porch that is not up to standards. Maybe the deck or porch needs replacing but you don’t just want something generic. Finding someone you can trust that will help you realize your vision but also ensure the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship and beauty can be a challenge.

You believe in taking care of your home and making it a place where you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining. Do you enjoy spending time with family and entertaining friends and love to be outdoors when you can?

You want your outdoor living area to be more than just a deck or screened in porch. You care about beauty, function, quality, value and above all enjoyment and pride. You want it to enhance the look and feel of relaxing with family or socializing with friends.

Focused on Making Each Project Uniquely Yours

Kansas City pool deckPlease don’t simply take our word for it. We expect our customers to not only be quality minded, but thorough in their evaluation process. You must be willing to do your homework to establish trust with the people you work with.

The best way to do this is contacting previous customers to discuss their experience and visit their unique project.

Key Characteristics to Look For in Your Deck Designer and Builder

Trust – How do you establish a trusting relationship with the owner and company you are working with?

Dependability – Are the management and employees dependable in terms of their time management and project management, etc.?

Accountability – Finding people who are responsible for themselves, admit mistakes, and seek solutions.

Accessibility – Is your contractor available to answer questions? Do they call you back quickly and make themselves available to meet you?

Legal – Do they provide all legal documents, licenses, permits, insurance liability, worker compensation, taxes?

Security – Do you feel secure that you received what you paid for and more?

Does this all sound like you? We understand that we’re not the right fit for everyone. But, if you’re comfortable with what you’re hearing, then read on about what you can expect.

What You Can Expect From
Decks & Design by Dan?

Every Kansas City deck we design and build is unique
based on your vision and our creativity of design…

The result is your own outdoor living space that is unlike any other you have seen or stood on. Here are some of the key things Decks and Design by Dan customers have come to expect from us…

You can and should expect a standard of quality far above and beyond most contractors in this industry. Doing things the best they can be done is they only way we work.

You can and should expect a highly functional project that fits your lifestyle. But, it’s more than that. It’s about creating a one of a kind living space that is uniquely yours.

You can and should expect to enjoy your project for years to come. You don’t want to worry about a lot of maintenance or the need to replace it in another 10 years.

You can and should expect beauty, superior craftsmanship, quality materials and construction, and longevity of the project. It’s not just a deck. It is a part of your home and you’ll take pride in.

Company Philosophy and Guiding Beliefs

How we run the company is based on Dan’s philosophy of providing the best for his customers. It’s about ensuring your complete and overall enjoyment and satisfaction from beginning to a long-lasting relationship.

To that end, you can expect a work crew that is trained to our quality of standards. They know the design and have the ability to answer your questions throughout your project.

Our employees really enjoy the business and are proud to be part of something special. We believe in and respect them as professionals and pay a living wage for top quality trim carpenters. They have spent their lives learning and dedicating themselves to accomplishing this and have earned our appreciation. We hope you’ll agree they deserve your appreciation for their craft as well.

Want to know a little bit more about the owner of Decks and Design by Dan? His name is Dan Troxel and nobody in Kansas City designs or builds decks like him.

Decks and Design by Dan Products and Services

We can and do design and projects that need only light maintenance. You should expect a 25 to 50 year life span.

Still love the look and feel of wood? We have an assortment of option from clear old growth cedars to Brazilian hardwoods for 25 to 50 year applications.

We provide protective treatments that are easy to apply. And, they’re easy to continue maintaining for years to come.

Looking for a longer lasting more reduced maintenance product? We have a composite decking in a variety of colors. We have researched and created a trim package for our projects that enable is to adhere to our styles and design – very, very unique.

Construction you can count on. The framework on our projects will always meet and usually exceed all building codes for a guaranteed 50 year sub-frame.

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