Is This For You?

Is Decks & Design by Dan Right For You?

How do you choose a Kansas City deck designer and builder that’s right for you?

Although the circumstances of each customer are unique, there are some similarities in our best customers. See if any of these sound like you or your situation…

You believe in the value of doing things the best they can be done. You have high standards and expect the work to be done right. And, you want to make sure your Kansas City deck builder is working in alignment with your vision.

You have an existing deck or screened in porch that is not up to standards. Maybe the deck or porch needs replacing but you don’t just want something generic. Finding someone you can trust that will help you realize your vision but also ensure the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship and beauty can be a challenge.

You believe in taking care of your home and making it a place where you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining. Do you enjoy spending time with family and entertaining friends and love to be outdoors when you can?

You want your outdoor living area to be more than just a deck or screened in porch. You care about beauty, function, quality, value and above all enjoyment and pride. You want it to enhance the look and feel of relaxing with family or socializing with friends.

Focused on Making Each Project Uniquely Yours

Kansas City pool deckPlease don’t simply take our word for it. We expect our customers to not only be quality minded, but thorough in their evaluation process. You must be willing to do your homework to establish trust with the people you work with.

The best way to do this is contacting previous customers to discuss their experience and visit their unique project.

Key Characteristics to Look For in Your Deck Designer and Builder

Trust – How do you establish a trusting relationship with the owner and company you are working with?

Dependability – Are the management and employees dependable in terms of their time management and project management, etc.?

Accountability – Finding people who are responsible for themselves, admit mistakes, and seek solutions.

Accessibility – Is your contractor available to answer questions? Do they call you back quickly and make themselves available to meet you?

Legal – Do they provide all legal documents, licenses, permits, insurance liability, worker compensation, taxes?

Security – Do you feel secure that you received what you paid for and more?

Does this all sound like you? We understand that we’re not the right fit for everyone. But, if you’re comfortable with what you’re hearing, then read on about what you can expect.

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